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Askanya Chocolates is Haiti's first bean-to-bar chocolate company
Askanya Chocolates is Haiti's first bean-to-bar chocolate company

Askanya Chocolates

Haiti’s First Premier Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Company

Hands down the best vegan chocolate I have ever eaten!!!!


Excellent high quality, rich in flavor chocolate bar with all natural ingredients. Great bar to enjoy by itself or to use in a variety of creative and delicious ways since it's so versatile.

Justin G.

This chocolate, although slightly sweetened, does not have a bitter taste, given its high cocoa content (60%). Perfect for your favorite desserts and winter hot chocolates!

Tania D.

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Haitian laurel flower which served as the inspiration for our lime chocolate bar

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At Askanya Chocolates, We Stand For:

Our Haitian chocolate bars are made by our all women artisans team

Made by Women

All our chocolate makers are local Haitian women who handcraft our chocolate bars. We provide direct employment opportunities in Ouanaminthe, Haiti.

We empower women to learn new skills and earn a consistent income to support their families.

Health-conscious chocolate lovers enjoying our Haitian chocolate bars

Made for Health-Conscious Chocolate Lovers

We get all our natural ingredients from the farmers we work with.

Our chocolates are gluten-free, soy-free and preservative-free. We also carry a large selection of dairy-free and vegan options. There's something for everyone.

We buy our Haitian cacao directly from 3,000 local farmers in Haiti

Made by 3,000 Local Farmers

Our Haitian farmers grow the cacao, sugarcane, oranges and limes that we use to make our chocolate.

We buy directly from more than 3000 farmers located in 4 states / departments and we pay them 2-3 times the going rate for their crops.

Made In Haiti

Our Haitian chocolate bars are made with all natural ingredients

Outstanding chocolate. Easily one of the best chocolate bars I have ever had. Amazing depth of flavor for milk chocolate.

Paul B.

This chocolate is amazing! I’m not a chocolate fan, especially chocolate that is more than 70%. The 90% chocolate is not overly bitter like other brands. This one has a smooth, sweet taste. You are officially my chocolate company! From now on, I will order chocolate just to eat yours!

Christiana D.

Absolutely delicious. The richness is perfectly complemented by the creaminess for a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Ordering more now!