General Questions

Corinne Joachim-Sanon had a plan to give back to her people in Haiti by creating blue collar jobs for local women, helping farmers generate consistent income from selling high quality cacao and celebrating Haitian culture. In 2015, Corinne founded Askanya Chocolates and converted her grandparents’ home into a colorful chocolate factory.

Corinne’s husband and co-founder comes from a town in Germany called Aschersleben. The Latinized equivalent of this is “Ascania”. This name goes way back to ancient Roman times, where King Ascanius ruled. Our hope is for Askanya Chocolates to reign supreme among Caribbean chocolate.

Askanya Chocolates creates high quality Haitian chocolate bars to help farmers in Haiti earn a real living wage. 

Askanya Chocolates chocolate factory where we create and package our chocolate is located in Haiti. Our company address is: 75, Rue Espagnole, Ouanaminthe, Nord-Est, Haiti. 

We have a warehouse in New York, USA to ship our chocolates to our American and international customers in a timely and efficient way. 

Our chocolate treats are stocked on our website We partner with online retailers for you to enjoy even more of our chocolate. 

If you’re interested in being one of our retail partners then please reach out to us at

Our list of stockists are:

Yes, if you’re in the northeastern Haiti area on a tropical vacation, we’d love to see you. Send us an email to to organize a tour of our chocolate factory.

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Order Questions 

Thank you for your order. You’re helping to support our local farmers and all-women chocolate makers team. You will get an order confirmation email with the details of your order and estimated delivery time.

We ship orders out from our warehouse in New York, USA. Domestic orders in the USA arrive in 3-5 business days. For international orders, estimated delivery is 8-10 business days.

If you need more information about your order, feel free to contact us at Don’t forget to add your order number to your email (this is in your original order confirmation). 

We partner with Faire for secure and timely wholesale orders. To create a wholesale order, please go to our wholesale page and create an account on Faire to shop our Haitian chocolate.

All sales are currently final. If you have any further questions, reach out to us at

We love to hear from our satisfied customers here at Askanya Chocolates. Get in touch with us at Please let us know how you feel about your order by leaving a review on our website.

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Shipping & Delivery Questions 

Yes, we love the support we get from our Haitian-American and American chocolate lovers. Our warehouse in New York, USA stocks our gourmet chocolates to make your US orders efficient.

We make and package our chocolate bars in Haiti then ship them straight to our warehouse in New York, USA. We ship your chocolate treats from our warehouse so US shipping is fast and reliable. It doesn’t take longer at all.

We ship our Haitian chocolate bars from our US warehouse based in New York. You get affordable and timely shipping in standard 3-5 business days.

Yes, Askanya Chocolates ships to customers worldwide. Our international shipping takes around 8-10 business days.

We ship our chocolate bars with ice packs in the warmer summer months or when we ship to warm locations. This guarantees you melt-free shipping for your chocolate.

Payment Questions 

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Your typical commercial chocolate bar sells for around $1 per bar while craft chocolate bars sell between $5-$15 on average. We pay our local farmers a real living wage so they can support their family with the cacao they produce. On the other hand, large chocolate corporations cut corners and often underpay their farmers.

We provide a range of gift cards for you to bring a taste of Haiti to your loved ones. Get your gift card in our online store.

Ethical Questions

We source our chocolate directly from farmers in Haiti and our all-natural ingredients are sourced in Haiti too. You can find out more about how we source ethical chocolate on our Ingredients Origin page.

Yes, we work with local farmers directly and through the Fédération des Coopératives Cacaoyères du Nord (FECANNO). Our farmers do not use any pesticides or harmful fertilizers when they grow our cacao.

Our chocolate goes beyond Fairtrade. We meet with our farmers face-to-face when we source our wet beans straight from them. Take a look at how we make our chocolates here. 

We pay 2-3x the Fairtrade price to the farmers we work with. This gives them a real living wage to support themselves and their families. The application fee for Fairtrade costs some farmers around $15,000 to get the certification. Then, they’re expected to renew the certification every year. Our farmers deserve to keep their hard-earned pay.

Our dark chocolate range is rich in flavor and is suitable for vegans. The best of both worlds.

Ingredients Questions

We get this question a lot. The difference between cacao and cocoa is related to the part of the chocolate making process. 

Cacao is the actual raw beans that you grow and harvest from the cacao tree. Whereas, you get cocoa after you roast, grind and winnow the beans. This is the cocoa you are familiar with in hot chocolate drinks.

Our chocolate bars have a remarkable depth of flavor to them. Our cacao content is as follows:

  • Paradis Milk Chocolate Bar (47% Cacao)
  • Wanga Nègès Rapadou Chocolate Bar (50% Cacao)
  • Minuit Dark Chocolate Bar (60% Cacao)
  • Bouquet Vert Dark Lime Chocolate Bar (65% Cacao)
  • Solèy Dark Orange Chocolate Bar (82% Cacao)
  • Perle Rare Extra Dark Chocolate Bar (90%)

Rapadou means raw Haitian sugar. This is our artisanal cane sugar that we add to our delicious dark chocolate bars to balance the rich flavors.

Chokola Peyi means Haitian hot chocolate in local Haitian Creole.

Chocolate Bar Questions

No, not even our 90% cacao bar. Our dark chocolate is blended with our Rapadou, artisanal cane sugar which provides a perfect harmony of flavors. 

Our trio collection is an all-time favorite and includes:

  • Paradis Milk Chocolate Bar (47% Cacao)
  • Wanga Nègès Rapadou Chocolate Bar (50% Cacao)
  • Minuit Dark Chocolate Bar (60% Cacao)

You get two of each flavor, so six chocolate bars in total.

We want you to enjoy our chocolate bars in all kinds of sizes. Our six chocolate bars come in three main sizes:

  • Standard (2oz)
  • Half
  • Mini

to give you more options. Our mix-and-match bite sized chocolates come with 42 mini chocolate bars. Plenty to share with your family and friends.

Yes, we have a baking block chocolate which is perfect for making our famous Haitian hot chocolate. 

Yes, use our baking chocolate block for your desserts. Feel welcome to use any of our chocolate bars for your sweet homemade treats. 

In Aztec culture, chocolate was enjoyed in its drinking form often mixed with spices.