Our Natural Ingredients Origin

We source our fermented and dried cacao beans from a network of more than 3000 farmers located in the North of Haiti. In 2017, the Paris Salon du Chocolat listed our cacao beans among the world Top 50 during the Cocoa Excellence Award.

You won't find any GMO sugars here. Our artisanal cane sugar, Rapadou, is a local delicacy in Haiti. This sugar is made from unprocessed sugar cane pressed naturally to harvest the sugar. Rapadou is totally free of any chemical or pesticide. Enjoy your chocolate bars without fear of stomach aches.

Our cacao butter brings out the creamiest flavors in our milk chocolate bars. This organic ingredient is important to create the smooth texture you get with every bite of our Paradis and Wanga Nègès flavors.

We use natural and GMO-free milk powder during our milk chocolate making process.

You find our glorious orange trees in the Nord of Haiti. During the limited winter season, the farmers handpick the ripe and sweet oranges. They reach our chocolate factory within 3 days of harvest allowing us to seize their ultimate flavor during the chocolate production process.

Our limes are grown in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti. The Abellard team pick and sort through small batches by hand with precious care before shipping them to us cross-country. We use the best ones in our signature dark lime chocolate.